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About The Company:

PROMOTECH is innovation driven ISO 9001:2015 professional manufacturer of premium power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems for metalworking industry.

The company offers comprehensive range of mag drills, hydraulic punchers, pipe and plate bevellers, welding and cutting tractors, custom-made solutions incl. MIG/MAG and SAW welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, pipe shape cutting, tailored for structural steel fabricators, heavy machinery manufacturers and shipyards.

PROMOTECH ME (FZE) is the local support office in Middle East.

List of Products

  • PRO-36_Compact Drilling Machine
  • PRO-36_AD Ultra Low Profile Mag Drill
  • PRO-36_AUTO Auto-Feed Drilling Machine
  • PRO-40_Practical Drilling Machine
  • PRO-51_Universal Drilling Machine
  • PRO-76T_Multifunctional Drilling Machine
  • PRO-111_Heavy-Duty Drilling Machine
  • PRO-110 HP_Hydraulic Puncher
  • PRO-35 ADA ATEX_Pneumatic Drilling Machine
  • PRO-45/2 ATEX_Pneumatic Drilling Machine
  • PRO-200A ATEX_Pneumatic Drilling Machine
  • BM-16_Multitask Plate and Pipe Beveller
  • BM-21S_Stainless Steel Beveller
  • ABM-50_Auto Feed Double-Sided Beveller
  • SBM-500_Stationary Beveling Machine
  • PRO-2 PB_Compact Pipe Beveller
  • PRO-5 PB_Portable Pipe Beveller
  • PRO-10 PB Portable Pipe Beveller
  • PRO-40 PBS Stationary Pipe Beveller
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