Company Name:MICC GROUP

Product Origin:

  • UK
  • USA
  • China

About The Company:

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, MICC Group is a British company that manufactures the widest range of Mineral Insulated Cables in the world.

MI Cable exceeds BS 6387 Standards and is considered amongst the most durable cables ever made. The cables are used in projects that require the highest level of performance integrity. Unlike common plastic flame-retardant cables, the MI Cable productline manufactured by MICC Group is the only cable that can offer proven 3 hours escape time in actual, real-life fire situations.

MICC Group is the world’s only company that manufactures cables using the BICC Seamless Tube technique in order to ensure a flawless product that lasts the entire life-time of a project.

The Group offers full training for the installation on terminations and installation for these
cables to ensure world-class, life-time performance.

List of Products

  • Full Range of Light Duty 500 Volt MI Copper Cable
  • Full Range of Heavy Duty 750 Volt MI Copper Cable
  • Twisted Fire Survival Communication Cable
  • Full Range of MI Alloy 825 Cable
  • Complete range of accessories, terminations and tools needed to carry out a full professional installation
  • MICC Group can also offer preterminated MI Wiring Units
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