Company Name:EATON

Product Origin:

United States of America (USA)

About The Company:

Eaton is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of B-Line series metal products used in the support of pipe and equipment for industrial, residential, commercial, utility, and OEM installations. Eaton is proud of the exacting standards of research, design, engineering, and manufacturing that go into each and every product that comprise our pipe hanger product line. Our customers have access to one of the most complete support systems offered in the industry, including pipe hangers, strut system, cable tray, slotted angle, seismic bracing, fasteners, communications, enclosures and anchors.

Many of Eaton B-Line series products are listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. and FM Global approved for fire sprinkler system installations. All Eaton B-Line series products are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.

Eaton B-Line series products are produced in plants consisting of over 1,000,000 square feet. These facilities are located in Highland, Illinois; Troy, Illinois; Reno, Nevada; and Sherman, Texas. Regional sales and distribution centers are located throughout the United States and stock standard B-Line series products for quick service and delivery. EATON B-Line service is designed to help engineers and contractors in the application and selection of pipe hangers, supports and seismic bracing for construction and maintenance. If a unique application requires a special product, Eaton engineering personnel are ready to furnish design consultation and material estimates.

List of Products

  • Pipe hangers
  • Strut system
  • Cable tray
  • Slotted angle
  • Seismic bracing
  • Fasteners and anchors
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